Backpacking with Products from KickStart Endurance!

Over the New Years holiday, we closed the store to take a break for some R&R. I headed to north to Georgia, specifically Cumberland Island, located just off the coast of St. Mary’s. For my fuel and some accessories, I used the very products I sell for triathlon, running and biking and thought it would be good to share what I used with you all.

First, I brought my Tri-Slide with me from SBR Sports. This aerosol lubricant spray was great to prevent any chafing or rubbing that ultimately comes with hiking miles three days in a row. Its a lightweight can and does well in the cold weather, perfect for a backpacking trip when every ounce counts.


The second accessory I used was my Hoo Rag. The days warmed up when the sun came out so I didn’t always need a heavy beanie but needed something to keep my hair out of my face and sweat out of my eyes.


The final accessory I brought with me and used were my Swiftwick socks. I actually had two pairs, my black Aspire Twelves to help with blood flow and support when I was hiking and my Aspire Zeros which were nice to have when I didn’t need my legs fully covered. With that being said, on my last day and night on the island, it poured continuously for hours but luckily the socks didn’t chafe!


I was camping for three nights and would be on the island two full days plus two partial days. I packed in all I would need and so I had to be diligent with what I brought. Here’s what was in my food bag:

-3 Clif Energy Bars

-2 Honey Stinger 20g Protein Bar

-3 Bonk Breaker Energy Bars

-3 Clif Bar Shot Bloks

-1 Tube of half Nuun Cherry Limeade (caffeine) and half Nuun Citrus Fruit

-3 single packets of Skratch Hot Apples and Cinnamon

I also did continue my use of Extreme Endurance while in the wilderness as I knew it was important for muscle soreness, lactate acid build up and fatigue. It didn’t disappoint!

The rest of my food consisted of 4 pre-made almond butter and jelly sandwiches on bagel thins and 3 dehydrated meals (dinner).

By bringing my nutrition I usually use in training and racing, I was able to easily know what would work well in the wilderness and how my body would respond to it. I typically had a Bonk Breaker bar or Clif bar for breakfast followed by a packet of Shot Bloks on my morning walk.

Lunch would include a sandwich and another one of the two bars. I enjoyed the Skratch Hot Hydration tremendously as it was chilly on the island and it provided me some additional calories plus it tastes amazing!

The Nuun made it easy to stay hydrated as I was able to carry the tube in my day pack and drop two tablets into my Nalgene bottle and know I was getting a great source of electrolytes and replenishing minerals I was using during my treks.

The combination of food worked perfectly as I was satiated throughout the day without ever feeling full and left the island with nothing leftover. I encourage you to consider these products or similar products we offer next time your’e backpacking or hiking as they are tasty, do well in different climates and make life a lot easier!


Pre-packing for Cumberland Island


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