KickStart Endurance Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy for the Golfer

What to buy the golfer1st_tee_energybar_oatmeal 10th_tee_energy_bar_peanut-01

1. Golf Energy Bar- 1st Tee: Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Peanut and 10th Tee: Peanut Honey and Chocolate Peanut Caramel

Made specifically with golfer’s needs in mind, the Golf Energy Bars make perfect snacks for any golfer or athlete. Take the 1st Tee bar pre-round during the drive to the course or range warm up and follow it up with the 10th Tee bar once you make the turn. These bars have chamomile, Valerian root and hops to help ease nerves on the starting hole while also providing vitamins and carbohydrates to keep you fueled for 18 holes.


2. Skins Compression Shorts-Black and White

These shorts help provide support for your hamstrings and back during the golf swing allowing you to move freely through the ball. Compression helps with blood circulation as well so your legs won’t feel nearly as fatigued after a round. With no seams visible, these shorts will look great under slacks or bermuda shorts.

Nuun 2013 Flavor 3pack Sampler 382x369

3. Nuun Electrolyte Tablets-12 Flavors

Keegan Bradley doesn’t play a round without his Nuun water bottle and tablets in his bag. His favorite is Cherry Limeade which features caffeine and a nice, refreshing flavor. Nuun tablets dissolve in your water, providing electrolytes and vitamins without any sugar and therefore no crash. Perfect for the golfer during any season of play.

PerfWhiteOne4. Swiftwick Performance Socks-Black and White, Zero and One

Swiftwick is made here in the United States and uses durable, long last materials such as Olefin, to manufacture their socks. The Performance line of socks is perfect for golfers as they provide the right amount of compression to help ease feet soreness while supplying a cushioning bed underfoot. Available in zero (no show) and one (slightly above the ankle) styles, your golfer will be happy to add these socks to his shoe bag.


5. Trigger Point Therapy-The GRID in Black

Trigger Point Therapy makes the best foam roller on the market! With a hard interior shell and different ridges and nodules on the outside, your golfer will be able to stretch their back, core, hamstrings, quads and calves all with one roller. Great before and after play, this item will quickly become a part of any golfers routine.

Rocktape black

6. RockTape Kinesiology Tape-Multiple Colors

RockTape is a wonderful tool to help alleviate pains and support muscles during activity. This tape, which can last up to 3 days, is used anywhere on the body by using different techniques. Golfers elbow? Not a problem. Just watch RockTape’s video on how to tape for this injury.

7. KickStart Endurance Gift Certificate! Perfect for any occasion and any athlete! 



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