Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy for the Runner


1. Nuun Electrolyte Hydration Tablets- Cherry Limeade, Citrus Fruit, Fruit Punch, Grape, Kona Cola, Lemonade, Lemon Lime, Lemon Tea, Orange, Strawberry Lemonade, Tri-Berry, Tropical, Watermelon

Nuun electrolytes tablets are a staple item for any athlete but especially runners as its light on calories but high in electrolytes to keep balance in order and muscles functioning properly. With 12 tablets per tube, Nuun mixes easily with water and provides a nice, light flavor without any sugar. Perfect for kids, adults and seniors, be sure to put some Nuun in the stocking.


2. Fuel Belt 2 bottle hydration belt-multiple colors available

Fuel Belt is the leader in hydration pack solutions because they use lightweight, durable materials. They also consult pro athletes in the design in their products, providing real life feedback. The 2 bottle hydration belt by Fuel Belt holds two 8 oz bottles and has a zippered gear bag for chews, Salt Stick pills and a cell phone. Adjustable with strong Velcro, the Fuel Belt 2 bottle belt is easily customizable for any size.


3. Gu Energy Gel- Chocolate Outrage, Espresso Love, Jet Blackberry, Lemon Sublime, Mandarin Orange, Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Peppermint Stick, Salty Caramel, Strawberry Banana, Tri-Berry and Vanilla Bean

Gu Energy Gels pack 100 calories and electrolytes into an easy to squeeze packet, perfect for a run. Using a “gu” is common practice for runners and this well established brand has the most flavors on the market and can be found on many aid station tables in races.


4. Road Noise Running Vest-Black, Neon Pink, Neon Green

Be seen and listen safely to your music or pod cast with the Road Noise Running Vest. This lightweight vest provides high-visibility with its reflective material on both the front and back. Wireless speakers are located in both shoulders allowing you to connect your phone or mp3 player and listen headphones-free. The RoadNoise vest is great for running or walk in the dark, riding your bike, gardening and any other activity requiring visibility or no headphones.


5. Swiftwick Aspire Zero Compression Sock-Black, White, Grey, Neon Pink, Neon Green

Swiftwick, a brand founded and made in the USA, makes sweat wicking, blister free socks that provide compression and cushioning in all of the right places. Swiftwick are socks your loved ones will actually be happy to get this year! Made with Olefan fibers, Swiftwick socks allow for breathability while not bunching or stretching, keeping the runner happy.

FruitSmoothie Chew Single

6. Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chew-Cherry Blossom, Cherry Cola, Fruit Smoothie, Lime-Ade, Pink Lemonade, Pomegranate Passion

Honey Stinger Chews are organic soft, chewy blocks of yumminess that provide electrolytes and vitamin C. With 10 individual pieces per package, these bite-sized chews are easy on the stomach and perfect on the run.


7. Inspired Endurance Jewelry

Women love to receive jewelry especially when it proudly displays their achievements and special memories in a classy way. Inspired Endurance hand crafts beads, pendants, earrings and rings for various sports including runners. Help commemorate a special race or new distance with a distance bead or inspiration pendant.

8. KickStart Endurance Gift Certificate-Always the perfect gift when you don’t know sizes, colors or flavors!


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