Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy for the CrossFitter

CrossFitamrap bar

1. AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bar

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) is a type of workout or WOD (Workout of the Day) done in CrossFit and has now been applied to a bar made of simple, Paleo ingredients. The AMRAP Refuel bar consists of almonds, sea salt, egg white, cinnamon, and a touch of honey. Yup, thats it and just how CrossFitters like it! This will be a great, clean bar for the stocking.


2. Rock Tape Endurance Tape- Black with Skulls, Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Pink Camo, Digital Camo, Red, Purple

Rock Tape was founded by endurance athletes who need a kinesiology tape that could withstand the punishment of sweat, water, wear and tear while still performing its duties as compression and support. Rock Tape helps promote fluid movement, compression of muscles, support of ligaments and tendons and prevents fatigue. Great for taping wrists for olympic movements as well as hands for gymnastic rings and dead lifts.


3. SKINS Compression Tights-Women’s 3/4 tights and Men’s Full Tights

Skins was founded in Australia and has strong roots in the CrossFit community. Skins provides compression, support, and breathability to keep the athlete going strong during any WOD. Compression helps fight muscle fatigue and keeps cramps from coming on. These tights are flexible for squats, box jumps and any other movement done in the box.

Nuun 2013 Flavor 3pack Sampler 382x369

4. Nuun Electrolyte Tablets-12 Flavors

Nuun electrolyte tablets are sugar free and chock full of electrolytes that are lost in the athletes’ sweat making them a perfect solution for hydrating. Nuun can be used before, during and after a WOD and has only 5 calories per serving so theres nothing to worry about it when it comes to clean eating and drinking.


5. Progenex Cocoon-Silk Chocolate

Progenex’s Cocoon is unlike any product on the market currently. It is the ultimate night time recovery agent as it contains trytophan whey peptide, yup that tryptophan-the one we enjoy at Thanksgiving! Cocoon also has micellar casein, a slow release protein. Progenex Cocoon helps you sleep deeper and recover stronger, getting you faster in the box.

killcliff horizontal

6. Kill Cliff Tasty

This all natural, recovery drink is slightly carbonated with a blood orange flavor. Popular with CrossFitters not only because it tastes good but because it contains natural ingredients that promote recovery and repair. With only 25mg of caffeine and 15 calories, this is far from an energy drink but certainly one you’ll want to drink throughout the day.

Xendurance 180 tab bag

7. Xendurance Extreme Endurance 180 count tablet

Extreme Endurance is a natural (notice the theme here!) recovery tablet that helps reduce lactic acid and buffers it in muscles during workouts. It also helps improve aerobic capacity which becomes important in WODs with quick movements, sprints and rope climbs.

8. KickStart Endurance Gift Certificate! Allow your athlete to choose their products, flavors and sizes.



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