Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy for the All-Around Athlete

All Around Athletebandana-faded

1. Hoo Rag, The Better Bandana-Multiple patterns and colors

Hoo Rag is a multi use, high quality, breathable polyester microfiber cloth that helps to keep dust, UV rays, sand, dirt and more away from your face, neck and head. The Hoo Rag can be worn in over 10 different ways and by athletes and sportsmen of all avenues. Watch this video to understand why this is The Better Bandana

Multi Bars

2. Quest Protein Bar-14 delicious flavors!

Quest Protein Bars have done something that no other brand has been able to; create a high protein (20-21grams), low carbohydrate, low sugar, delicious bar and with only 180 calories! Quest Bars are perfect to keep in the purse, gym bag, work drawer and pantry. Perfect after a workout or a snack, you will be able to Cheat Clean!



3. Skins Men’s and Women’s Compression Shorts

Skins manufactures high quality compression gear. Their shorts will only elevate the workout by increasing blood flow, providing support of muscles and improve recovery. These shorts don’t ride up and stay comfortably in place.


4. FuelBelt Slice Hand Held Water Bottle-Multiple Colors

FuelBelt’s 18 oz hand held water bottle fits nicely around the hand, holds a good amount of liquid and has a large, zippered pouch large enough for a phone and some money. Great for hiking, going to the gym and many more activities.


5. Mazama Bar High Performance Energy Bar- Chocolate Banana, Hazelnut Mocha and Wild Berry

Mazama Bar is the ideal bar for the backpacker, snowboarder, skier, hiker and more because its not only light weight but packs enough calories for a full meal. Available in 3 all-natural, tasty flavors, this homemade bar was created by athletes for athletes.


6. TriggerPoint Therapy Starter Kit

TP Therapy allows you to do self-massage and unlock your muscles after a hard day on the trails or river. The Starter Kit provides a yoga block for stretching and rolling, a calf roller and massage ball. These three tools and Trigger Point’s large media library on its website will help you get all of your kinks out and then some.


7. Nuun Electrolyte Hydration Tablet-12 Flavors

Nuun electrolyte tablets enhance water providing you essential minerals and electrolytes without sugar and only 5 calories. Great tasting water helps keep you hydrated and balanced. Nuun is great for kids, adults and seniors!

8. KickStart Endurance Gift Certificate-Perfect for all Athletes!



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