Women Are Not Small Men: Introducing Osmo’s New Women’s Specific Hydration Line

Last month, Osmo Nutrition, headed by scientist and elite athlete Dr. Stacy Sims, announced the first women’s specific hydration line of products. As a woman-owned business and fans of Osmo, we of course were pretty excited to hear this news but of course wanted to know how it was going to be different and why.

During our trip to Las Vegas to check out Interbike, we stopped by the Osmo Nutrition booth and took away a bottle of the new Active Hydration drink in mango flavor. Of course, the bike bottle reads “Women Are Not Small Men” which as we all know is something that sport focused brands sometimes have a hard time understanding.


Without diving into all of the scientific specific jargon, we’ll leave that to Bicycling’s Fit Chick writer and her article, Osmo’s women’s line takes into account the highs and lows of progesterone that occur because of our favorite monthly visitor. As a result of these highs and lows, women experience a change in core body temperature, how the body uses protein and glucose as fuel and water retention. Osmo’s formula is suppose to help buffer the body’s reaction to these swings, allow the body to use the appropriate source of fuel (glucose) rather than protein (eating away hard earned muscle) and to also allow the body retain hydration in the appropriate way.

Currently, the Active Hydration and Acute Recovery are available and for sale on our website and in our store. We will be carrying the Pre-Load as well once it becomes available (sometime this month). The current Osmo Nutrition line of  Pre-Load Pineapple and Lemon, Orange and Blackberry Active Hydration, and Acute Recovery Vanilla Bean are now being geared specifically towards men. There is nothing wrong with women using these products its just that women now have a specific line that will work better for their bodies.

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