Why KickStart Endurance?

First of all, why not?! Just kidding….KickStart Endurance was born out of a frustration for not being able to easily access nutritional products needed for all of our crazy sporting activities, namely triathlon, running, CrossFit and working out in general. Big chain stores cater to a certain muscle bound demographic and can be somewhat overwhelming when you step inside considering all of the big, black bottles of this and large tubs of that. They also don’t carry much in the way of endurance sport friendly products.

While we happily support our LBS (local bike shop) or local running stores, they are and rightfully so, focused on the equipment side of things. The nutrition products are typically close to the counter, almost like the last second impulse buy at a convenience store. Brands, flavors and sizes are typically lacking.

Sure you can go online and shop but then you are going directly to a brand’s page to buy just their product and then off to another’s page to buy other things. And what if you don’t even know about a new(er) brand or product? Well, you’re SOL really. All of that shipping adds up and you’re left with buying a box of chews that maybe your taste palette didn’t agree with it.

Why not shop in one, singular place that offers the most brands and flavors online?

1. We focus on sport nutrition for the multi-sport athlete.

When we say “multi-sport” this does not mean just triathlon. Let’s face it, you could be stand-up paddle boarding one morning, going to a spin class the next and then trying an obstacle mud run during the weekend. Our customers are active and like to switch their activities up which means their nutritional needs change.


2. Flavors+brands+sizes=more choices!

This how you as the customer ultimately benefit by shopping with us. You get the best selection and service because YOU DESERVE IT! You shouldn’t be limited to one flavor option just because thats what your LBS dictates to you with their lack of options. Try something new, we offer many products in single form so that you don’t have to commit to a product for 28 servings! You can mix and match your flavors and products to find the right combination that works for YOU.

Electrolytes Header

3. One location.

Between our retail store in Vero Beach, FL and our online store at KickStartEndurance.com you have easy access to not only superb sports nutrition but also to great accessories like Fuel Belt, Sparkly Soul headbands, and Swiftwick socks.

Gel Wall

4. Constant Improvement and Forward Movement

This may be your training motto but its a motto we live by in the store as well because we listen to our customer’s feedback and suggestions. Want to see a new flavor in the store? Let us know! Not happy with a product’s condition, we’re all ears. We strive to provide YOU the best selection the market has to offer. We’re athletes just like you, with training, family, work and other activities all squeezed into 24 hours so if we can make your life just a little easier we strive to do just that. We offer online shopping and in-store pickup for those days that you literally have to “grab and go”.


5. Integrity and Service

We have publicly vowed to never sell or offer any of our items on sites like Amazon because the integrity of the product can be called into question. Sure you may think you’re getting a great deal on a product but did you know that its 2 years out of date? We follow all of our brand’s set pricing. We are a family owned, small business that started this store to serve others. We do it knowing that you place your trust in us. We don’t carry products that have questionable ingredients, outrageous claims or stimulants. We like a level playing field when we compete; we hope you do to.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 3.42.12 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 3.56.23 PM

So next time you’re looking to switch up your hydration drink or learn more about what else is out there, look us up, stop by the store or call us! We’re here as a member of the community and we plan on sticking around so that you can keep crossing that finish line and doing the things you love to do.



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