Picture Guide to the KickStart Endurance Retail Store

We wanted to provide you some pictures of our retail store located in Vero Beach and a somewhat “guide” to where things are and what brands are displayed. We are constantly adding new product and freshening up our displays so don’t be surprised if something looks different but we can always help you find what you need!

Protein Wall

This first wall is on the left hand side of our store when you first walk in. We house a lot of accessories and smaller items here. Supplements from Salt Stick, Extreme Endurance, Base Performance, Endurance Shield and Sparkly Soul are displayed here. We provide only non-stimulant, natural supplements. Our full collection of Nuun hydration tablets are also displayed here as well as some colorful shaker bottles from Shake Bottle.

On top you will find Optimum Nutrition’s Case-in and Whey proteins. We have since added their All-Natural Whey Protein as well!

Surfboard Rack2

The next two pictures are from a custom surfboard rack bookshelf. This was display piece from a friend’s longstanding surf shop and they gave it to us when they closed their doors. We are happy to have it in our retail store now!

This first side displays the majority of our hydration mixes. The bottle shelf holds large tubs of the recovery mix Endurox from PacHealth Labs. We have all 5 flavors: chocolate, vanilla, tangy orange, fruit punch and lemon lime.  Above that are canisters, single servings and 1 lb. bags of hydration mixes from (respectively) Clif BarGu Energy Labs and Skratch Labs. Single servings of both Skratch Labs and Osmo Hydration are available as well. These single servings are great for trying out new flavors, keeping in a bag or for traveling with. Finally, Osmo Nutrition also makes a Pre-Load mix that provides extra sodium and potassium when working out in humid conditions as well as a great protein recovery drink, Osmo Acute Recovery, that isn’t too high in calories and provides all you need after a workout.

Surfboard Rack1

The other side of our surf board rack contains other hydration mixes like Accelerade from PacHealth Labs and a great drink mix from Acli-Mate which helps folks keep altitude sickness at bay when working out and playing at higher altitudes than normal. Also located here are Trigger Point Therapy products such as The Grid and the Starter Kit. These products help with recovery and aid in injury prevention. The final collection of products here are the awesome nut butters available in two sizes of reusable pouches from our friends at PocketFuel Naturals. Each pouch contains some kind of nut butter: peanut, almond or hazelnut and then is packed with additional ingredients like cherries, blueberries, goji berries, bananas, coconut and more! These make great travel snacks and perfect for a day at the beach with the kids.

Shelf Display

As you come around the surf board display, you’ll see shelves containing the popular Vegan sports nutrition brand, Vega. We carry several of their products including: Endurance Gel, Electrolye Hydrator, Recovery Protein, All in One Nutrition Bar, and All in One Nutrition Shake. These high-quality, plant-based products are great for both Vegan and non-Vegan athletes!

Another recovery powder is located here as well from Gu Energy Labs, their Gu Brew in Chocolate Smoothie, Strawberry Watermelon and Orange Pineapple. Again, these singles pouches are convenient and easy to try out.

Of course, we are fully stocked with a customer favorite, Honey Stinger Waffles!


Next to our Vega selection is our dog gear wall of Ruff Wear! This is section is for the dogs! Here you can find collapsable, travel dog bowls as well as stink-proof collars, adjustable leashes, high visibility jackets and the Swamp Cooler jacket, to keep your pup cool when its hot out.

Bar Wall

One of two large displays on our main wall is where the majority of our energy and protein bars are. Bonk Break energy bars, the Official Bar of Ironman, can be found here. We carry all 8 regular flavors as well as both flavors of their High Protein energy bars. Above the Bonk Breaker bars are nutrition and delicious protein bars from Quest Protein Bars. These bars are packed with 20 grams or more of whey isolate protein and are low carb while also being natural. We also carry the ever popular 1st and 10th tee Golf Energy Bars. These bars have helped many of golfers have better rounds as they provide much needed calories, carbs and calming ingredients to get you through a round of golf.

The AMRAP Paleo Bar, a favorite among CrossFitters and Paleo-enthusiasts is here as well. Next to the Paleo bars are the four flavors of Picky Bars which along with Bonk Breakers, are gluten and dairy free!

Endurance athletes love Honey Stinger and we carry the majority of their entire product line. Here you will see their wide assortment of energy bars in flavors such as Blueberry Buzz and Rocket Chocolate. Also on this wall is EFS hydration mix from First Endurance as well some extra Clif Shot, Endurox and Ultragen.

Can’t forget about carrying your hydration in a runner friendly Fuel Belt Palm Sprint water bottle!

Honey Stinger

In between our two large displays is more Honey Stinger products such as the ever popular Honey Stinger Chews and Honey Stinger Protein Bars which have 20 grams of whey protein and 300 calories, keep you full and fueled for a long time!

Gel Wall

On our final large wall display are all of our endurance energy gels, chews and compression accessories. We carry a wide arrange of Gu and Roctane gels as well as gels from PacHealth Labs, Honey Stinger, PowerBar, ClifBar, First Endurance and Vega. All of our Skins Compression gear ranging from socks and calf sleeves to arm sleeves and shorts are located here as well.

We also have some bike accessories from Fuel Belt located here as well as replacement caps and bottles.


This is the display for a great invention called Road Noise running vests. These vests are not only highly reflective and super light weight but the best part is the fact that they have speakers in the shoulders and connect to your phone or MP3 player! Now you can ride and run safely with music!


We have a FuelBelt for everyone here! Assorted styles and colors make exercising fun!


We love Swiftwick socks and as such we don’t run in anything else anymore! These compression socks are made here in the United States and feature Olefin and great materials that help keep moisture at bay which means no blisters!


Our last stop on our picture tour is at our front counter. The blue mosaics remind us of the ocean and was sourced by a local customer for us. We feature different items here like Huma Chia Energy Gels, Mazama Bars and Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks. We hope you enjoyed this tour of our store. Check back in with us as it will certainly look somewhat different the next time you come in!


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