Keep Your Nutrition Close to Hand

You’ve got your nutrition picked out and ready to go for your long ride or run but now how are you going to carry it all with you! Backpacks are not runner friendly nor are they very aerodynamic. Simply carry gels in your hands is cumbersome and unrealistic. Here are a couple of options to help keep your fuel handy.

1. FuelBelt R20 and R30 Hydration Belts. These handy belts from FuelBelt have been tested on the hot lava fields of Kona, HI and worn by Ironman Champions. The two or three bottle belts allow you to carry water and your hydration mix as you see fit. Each bottle holds 8oz. Both belts come with a zippered pocket large enough for a cell phone and some gels or chews. These pockets are great for carry extra Salt Caps as well as your house or car keys.

FuelBelt has worked tirelessly to make these belts super lightweight, supportive and stable so they don’t move around on you has you run. The bottles are easy to clean, have spare caps in different colors available as well as different colored bottles.


2. Salt Stick Large Dispenser. The folks at Salt Stick understand the importance of two things: staying in the aero position on a triathlon or time trial bike and keeping up with your electrolyte needs, hence why they created a tube pill dispenser that can mount to any bike frame. The dispenser holds up to 6 Salt Stick Caps so you can easily reach for them when you’re ready. Mount it to your aero bars, top tube or even carry it with you on your FuelBelt.


3. FuelBelt Bento Boxes. FuelBelt offers two styles of fuel boxes that attach easily to your bike’s top tube via velcro. The first is the Aero Fuel Box available in white or black. This box has a smaller profile but holds quite a bit. It features a removable plastic liner that can be cleaned easily. Carry your phone, Honey Stinger Waffle and gel easily.

The Large Nutrition Box is great for longer bike rides when you’ll need more fuel to keep you going. It measures 4″x5″x1″ and also has the removable plastic liner.

2013_aero fuelbox_white panda

FuelBelt Aero Fuel Box


FuelBelt Large Nutrition Box

4. Recycle Nuun Tubes. Just went through a tube of Nuun? Don’t throw the tube away! Recycle it! These plastic tubes have a cap that stays put and is easy to remove. Try mixing up your Nuun flavors into a tube or put some Saquito Chia Energy Mix in it as it makes for an easy way to get the mix in while being active. You can also use the tube for Salt Stick Caps, Extreme Endurance or Optygen pills while traveling. Nuun tubes are good for Sport Beans as well!



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