Mix Things Up! How to use your nutrition differently

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or are just looking to try something new. When this happens, take what is already familiar to you, because as athletes we know we need to stick with things that work, and create something new! Below are some of the awesome products we already carry at KickStartEndurance.com but combine some of them or use them differently to give you a twist on your normal sports nutrition routine.

1. Create your own flavor gels


2. So many uses for Nuun!

Cherry coke drink

  • Take half lemon lime and half fruit punch and switch up this classic kids flavor
  • Nuun also makes a great mixer for cocktails (we suggest post-race drinking only). From the Nuun.com blog, here is a recipe for a Nuun Creamiscle:
  • 1 Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime tablet in 4 oz of water, 1.5 oz of Whipped Pinnacle Vodka and 1/2 lime squeezed. More Nuun cocktail recipes.
  • Take any of your favorite Nuun tablet flavor and use water or club soda and add some vodka for a spritzer

3. PocketFuel and Honey Stinger Waffles

  • This combination has become our go to pre-ride race fuel for long rides as it is filling, easy on the stomach and the energy sources last a long time
  • Take your favorite PocketFuel Nut Butter (Chocolate Haze or Banana and Blueberry are great) and squeeze it onto a Honey Stinger Waffle topped by another waffle to make a sandwich! Take it a step further and add some Huma Chia Strawberry gel and you have another PB&J!



  • You can pre-make these and cut them up into smaller bite sized fuel for a ride or hike as well
  • PocketFuel is also a great thing to carry with you when you travel as you can spread it on toast, bananas, apples, waffles, etc so you don’t have bland hotel food

4. Quest Bars are so versatile! 

  • Simple tip: heat a Quest Bar for 5-10 seconds in the microwave and you’ll have a whole new experience!
  • A Quest fan came up with this delicious recipe for Quest Brownies:Quest Brownies


For this recipe and other Quest recipes like Cinnamon Buns, Healthy Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough “Poptart” are available here

5. Saquito Vanilla Goji Chia Mix is great as a topper.

  • Saquito chia mix has chia seeds, goji berries and hints of vanilla. Its perfect on its own as used by the ancient people of the Americas to help fuel them during long days of hunting and gathering.
  • Saquito is low in sugar, low in carbohydrates, has 10grams of protein and 3400mg of Omega-3s.
  • If you want to take your Saquito on a bike with you, try an empty tube of Nuun and pour your mix into there. Its an easy way to get to your Saquito
  • Our athletes like it on oatmeal and yogurt as a great way to add fiber and hydration to their meal.
  • We personally really enjoy Saquito on salads as it provides some crunch and great flavor!

photo (38)


If you have used any of our products in a unique way, share them with us! You can post to our Facebook page or email us at customerservice@kickstartendurance.com


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