How to Keep Your Feet Happy

You know that feeling, the one where one second your running along at a good clip or enjoying the sights of the amusement park and suddenly a spot on your foot becomes hot, tender and burns. Ah yes, a blister! Of course, you’re not going to just stop whatever you are doing at the moment and get off of your feet. No! You’re going to push on and hobble if you must but you will tell yourself that next time, you will find a better sock and go blister free.

We hate blisters, there is no need for them, they only slow us down, make us extremely uncomfortable and often times very irritable which then results in making others around us unhappy as well. A good day at Disney can almost be ruined with a simple hot spot and a new PR can quickly become undone by the friction-induced blister.

Here are several things you can do to help eliminate (yes, eliminate) blisters:

1. Plan Ahead and know your terrain

-Are you going to be in a wet climate and hiking for multiple days or hours? Look to socks made with merino wool as wool is the most hydrophilic of all natural fibers, meaning it actually repels water, helping keep your feet dry.

-Walking in the parks all day or playing a round of golf? Olefin, which wicks away moisture produced by your feet, is an awesome sock material as it keeps you cool and dry.

-Travelling on planes all day? Try a knee high sock with compression built in to allow blood to circulate better into and out of your feet as sitting on planes all day causes blood to pool in your feet and therefore not return to the rest of your body. Compression allows your muscles to receive necessary oxygen and will help prevent cramping and soreness.

Our recommendations: Swiftwick compression socks and SKINS compression socks



2. Use a lubricant inside your shoes.

-You can help further reduce certain hotspots by spraying or applying lubricants like TriSlide to areas of your shoes that you know give you trouble. Typically around the achilles and under the tongue of the shoe where your arch is are problem spots.


3. After showering, make sure you dry your feet completely.

-We may overlook the feet when drying ourselves off but the feet are just as important as the skin is very sensitive and comes in contact with surfaces, therefore creating friction. By drying your feet, you are also making sure your nails are dried, helping to prevent bacteria growth.

4. Don’t let calluses build up too much.

-Use a pumice stone after showering or bathing to gently scrape away dead skin. Blisters like to form underneath calluses, making these little guys hurt even more. Follow up with a thick lotion to let moisture back into your feet so they stay conditioned.


We hope these tips prove helpful the next time you are running, walking or enjoying your day. Choosing a high quality, non-cotton sock is one of the easiest ways to keep blisters at bay. We carry Swiftwick socks because they have a narrow foot bed which fits women’s feet very well and because they use high quality materials allowing for the sock wearer to choose the appropriate amount of cushion, compression and height of sock they prefer.

Check out our line of foot happy products! 

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