Introducing KickStart Endurance Ambassador Vincent Burke!

  1. Ambassador VinnyName: Vincent Burke
  2. Age Group: Under 70! (35-39)
  3. Hometown: Concord, MA
  4. Current town: Vero Beach, FL
  5. Profession: Indian River County Utilities Director
  6. Sports you are actively participating in currently: Triathlon (swimming, biking, Running). My hockey days are currently on hold.
  7. Are you a member of any teams or clubs? Sunrunners. Former member of the Peckerheads International hockey team although that status is on hold. See #6.
  8. Do you follow a specific diet or nutrition plan? (Zone, paleo, ketosis, etc): I eat clean.  I sometimes deviate from the healthy choices and indulge in sweets.  My body, however, cannot perform on empty calories and prefers an optimum, nutrient-rich diet so I try to be specific with my food intake by choosing high quality foods and supplements. I recently tried to go on a gluten-free diet, but after bonking a couple times in workouts, I realized that, for me, I need a balanced approach that allows me to introduce certain carbs into my diet while exercising hard.
  9. Favorite pre-workout fuel: This depends on what I am doing. If I am running early: Usually I hydrate and use an Emegen-C mix of B and C vitamins. I cannot run long or hard on a full stomach. If I am swimming, I may have a cup of coffee or a light snack. If I am biking short: usually nothing or perhaps some sport beans. If I am biking long, I may have a cup of coffee, a banana or even a slice of Ezekiel bread with almond butter.
  10. Favorite post-workout fuel: EFS Ultragen is my current favorite although I have used some Endurox.
  11. What nutrition products do you train/race with?  How much space do I have?  I love the very tasty Honey Stinger waffles (although my kids do too so I have to hide them), Power Bar gels (strawberry banana), EFS liquid shot, Bonk Breakers, Sport Beans and Clif Shot gels.  Recently, I have loaded up on Saquito, a mixture of flax seeds, chia seeds and other ingredients to power me through my workouts. VinnyLeadman
  12. Have you found a specific type of nutrition works better for you versus another? (bar vs. gel, gel vs. chew, all liquids):  
  • For shorter races I enjoy gels and some liquid hydration.
  • For longer endurance races, I find that my body performs better on a mostly liquid diet. In 2010, I did IMFL (Panama City) for the very first time.  I nailed my nutrition, sticking mostly to liquid calories and wound up finishing in a time of 9:35.
  • For the Leadville 100MTB ride last year, I enjoyed a mixture of gels, liquid hydration and some solid foods so that I felt great finishing in just over 9 hours.

WebTeaserBendBuckle_medium13. Is there a specific event(s) you are training for currently? Due to overwhelming peer pressure, I have signed up for a unique event.  It is a long duration endurance event out West.  It begins with a quite chilly 64 degree F 5K swim (3.1mi), followed by a nice 225K bike (138 mi) through some of the most scenic areas of Oregon culminating with a pleasant 22K (14 mi) suffer-fest in downtown Bend. A few other nut jobs are coming too so it should be fun!

More information is here:

14. What are your goals for 2013? Personal and sport-related:  Personally, I would like to become comfortable in my new role at work, become closer to my kids while they transition through their teenager years and ultimately I want to re-acquaint myself with my wonderful wife, Lucie (who by the way is a major, major reason why I have been able to do what I can do. She is awesome and without her support, and patience, I would not be able to accomplish these goals).

Sports related: I would like to remain injury free, increase my range of motion, become a more efficient runner and perhaps re-qualify as an USAT All American.

15. What is your favorite product KickStart Endurance offers and why? Make me an offer I cannot refuse!! I must say the owner is pretty hip and I enjoy coming to the store to try new products like the Vega Sport endurance gel or the 2nd Surge Ultra energy gel. 


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