What the Heck is Chamois Cream And Why Do I Need It?!

About Chamois Cream

WOMENS_shorts_2_470Chamois cream or bike short cream, is a wonderful product to help prevent and treat saddle sores which are caused from time spent on the bicycle. These saddle sores or hot spots, occur over time due to friction, heat, and moisture and as you can imagine, can be very painful and uncomfortable.

If you are just getting into the sport of cycling or triathlon, you may have heard of this magical cream that athletes smear upon themselves before rides or races but think “I don’t need that stuff, I’m just doing an hour’s ride”. Wrong! Chamois Cream, specifically Endurance Shield’s Chamois Creme, contains all-natural ingredients such as witch hazel, echinacea, and tea tree oil to help keep bacteria and therefore infection at bay while providing calming agents to sooth “sensitive areas”.

Ok, so this sounds like good stuff. How do I use it?

Chamois cream is just that, a cream, so put a fair amount on your fingers, apply to those parts of your body which will be in contact with your saddle and bike shorts and wash your hands and start riding. Don’t be tempted to rub in the cream, it will be naturally absorbed and provide protection to your skin especially where your sit bones are.

Will chamois cream ruin my shorts?

No, chamois cream is natural and safe for skin and clothing.

What is a chamois?


Good question! A chamois is a piece of fabric, often with additional padding, that is sewn into a pair of shorts. Before fabrics were breathable and applied to the sports world, chamois were made from animal hides and therefore the rider would condition the hide to keep it moisturized.

Want to know more?

For further information on chamois choices and options, check out Bicycling.com’s story: Your Chamois: A User’s Guide.

ES62-chamoiscroppedOur pick for chamois cream- Endurance Shield’s Chamois Creme. Made only with natural ingredients, this light smelling cream is also good for road rash, sunburns, lotion and post-ride treatment.


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